Main interests

- Accelerators & Hybrid Processors
- Manycore Architectures
- Task Scheduling & Data Management
- Runtime Systems
- Parallel Programming
- High Performance Computing


I am currently a postdoc at the French department of Energy (CEA) where I work on large-scale clusters of machines equipped with accelerators. Before, I was in the CUDA team at NVIDIA. Prior to this, I was a PhD student at the University of Bordeaux. You can download my CV in this page.

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During my PhD thesis, I've designed the StarPU runtime system which schedules tasks and automates data management within heterogeneous multicore platforms enhanced with accelerators.

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Hits From The Blog

Computing pi by rolling (many many) dices

Here is a rather unexpected way to compute pi that I've sometimes encountered when looking for massively parallel algorithms. As a foreword, if you are trying to compute the billion-th digit of pi, you can stop reading this right now This technique is part of a  class of algorithms called "Monte Carlo method" which consists [...]

CUDA kernels launches in the null stream are NOT synchronous

Today I'd like to point out some very common error found in CUDA codes which assume that calling a kernel with stream 0 (either explicitly or implicitly) will result in a synchronous kernel call. Prior to the introduction of streams in CUDA, users did not have to care about synchronization issues, as everything would typically [...]


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