Welcome on my website! I am currently a postdoc at the French department of Energy (CEA) where I work on large-scale clusters of machines equipped with accelerators.

Before, I was a System Software Engineer at NVIDIA in the CUDA team. More precisely, I was working on programming models and features intended to improve CUDA for High Performance Computing.

Prior to joining NVIDIA, I was a PhD student working with Raymond Namyst and Samuel Thibault in the Runtime team at the University of Bordeaux and at INRIA Bordeaux.

My research activities mainly focus on the design of efficient runtime systems for multicore platforms enhanced with accelerators such as GPUs or Cell processors. I have therefore started the development of the StarPU runtime system in order to harness the power of those architectures.

You can find more details and a list of my publications in my CV.

On a personal note, I currently live in Bordeaux (France) with my wonderful wife Camille Devisme. Being a great web-designer, she actually designed this entire website to make it much nicer and integrated most of the contents.