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Computing pi by rolling (many many) dices

Here is a rather unexpected way to compute pi that I've sometimes encountered when looking for massively parallel algorithms. As a foreword, if you are trying to compute the billion-th digit of pi, you can stop reading this right now This technique is part of a  class of algorithms called "Monte Carlo method" which consists [...]

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Accessing pinned host memory directly from the device

When it comes to optimizing data transfers, ensuring that we use pinned memory is critical in CUDA. One way to use such pinned memory is to ask CUDA to allocate host memory with the cudaMallocHost function. With the UVA (Unified Virtual Addressing) mechanism added in CUDA 4.0, there is an additional behaviour that is worth [...]

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Erastothene sieve using processes

This code computes all prime numbers using multiple processes. It illustrates the use of the pipe and the fork system calls. Note that this is by no mean an efficient approach.

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Handling exceptions in C with sigsetjmp

The following piece of code proposes an answer to the question "How do I plot a function graph while handling undefined points?". For example, imagine that you provide a method to plot an arbitrary function, and that the user gives a function that is not properly defined (for example when computing x->1/x with x = [...]

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