An introduction to the Cell processor - 2007

An introduction to the Cell processor - 2007

Abstract -This documentation aims at giving an introduction to IBM Cell processor. It tries to cover all useful topics needed to understand how to code on this architecture. Still it does not claim to be either comprehensive or self-sufficient. There are obviously lots of points untreated in this rather short document, provided its scope.

We will here try to explain how to use the Cell simulator and the SDK provided by IBM. Then we will try to give a little overview of the Cell’s architecture. After this, we will show how to program some very simple code on the Cell. Once these trivial programs will have been shown, we will look at the way to make all parts of the chip communicate. Eventually, we have a look at some tips to code efficiently on this architecture.

All information provided there mostly come from the official documentation which anybody programming on the Cell will have to look

Keywords: Cell, libspe