Here is a list of my publications.

Scheduling Tasks over Multicore machines enhanced with Accelerators: a Runtime System's Perspective - PhD thesis

Détection optimale des coins et contours dans des bases d'images volumineuses sur architectures multicœurs hétérogènes - RENPAR 2011

A Hybridization Methodology to Develop Linear Algebra Software for GPUs - GPU Computing Gems, volume 2. 2010

QR Factorization on a Multicore Node Enhanced with Multiple GPU Accelerators - IEEE IPDPS 2011

StarPU: a Runtime System for Scheduling Tasks over Accelerator-Based Multicore Machines. Technical Report 7240, INRIA

Dynamically scheduled Cholesky factorization on multicore architectures with GPU accelerators - SAAHPC 2010

Data-Aware Task Scheduling on Multi-Accelerator based Platforms - ICPADS 2010

StarPU: a unified platform for task scheduling on heterogeneous multicore architectures (extended version) - CCPE 2010

StarPU : un support exécutif unifié pour les architectures multicœurs hétérogènes - RENPAR 2009

Automatic Calibration of Performance Models on Heterogeneous Multicore Architectures - HPPC 2009

StarPU: A Unified Platform for Task Scheduling on Heterogeneous Multicore Architectures - Europar 2009

Exploiting the Cell/BE architecture with the StarPU unified runtime system - SAMOS Workshop 2009

Mapping and Synchronizing Streaming Applications on Cell Processors - HiPEAC 2009

A unified runtime system for heterogeneous multicore architectures - HPPC 2008

Vers des supports d'exécution capables d'exploiter les machines multicoeurs hétérogènes - Master Thesis

Literature Study : The Implementation of the Cilk-5 Multithreaded Language - 2008

Interval-based registration cache for zero-copy protocols - 2007

An introduction to the Cell processor - 2007

Literature Study : NUMA-Aware Thread Scheduling On Hierarchical Multiprocessor Machines - 2007

Optimisation des communications sur réseaux rapides par utilisation de RDMA - 2006